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Program EVENTS Milano Marittima

4, 5 and 6 May 2012

The event aims to be the first year on the occasion of the centenary of Milano Marittima
but the goal is to create an event that on the one hand give visibility increasing
our location and the other allows a natural lengthening of the summer season.

4, 5 and 6 May 2012

For the duration of the event will be:
From Saturday 12 to Sunday 12 hours
DUCATI: rendezvous with the international MotoGP circuit evocation Milan
Seas at the first intersection. This will be the official DUCATI TRUCK with the bike
old who walked the historic circuit of the ring of pine (125 DESMO The Grand Prix
Bruno Spaggiari with which he won in 1958 to MM).
A Ducati dealer will bring the new models.
FERRARI: Ferrari shows at the first intersection.
Presence of enrollment point for Car Safety Driving test:
FRANCESCA CIPRIANI: welcome guest of the event

Friday, May 4
NORDIC WALKING BEACH (from 22 to 24) The beach in Milano Marittima will
leading a walk at night near the full moon using
chopsticks, Nordic Walking Beach. At the end you will be given a rest at the

Luigi Berardi, 'artisan' land art, deep
knowledge of nature and 'amplifier' of its sounds. With him the walkers
will face a path between the first villas of Milano Marittima which will lead them into the
original spirit that animated the project to build the city in perfect symbiosis with the
pine forest to see what the "dream of an ideal city, a city garden where poetry
marry the convenience of living ", is now left. Between the stages, the same villa and Palanti
surrounding the Liberty-style decor with exotic Moorish and the years 20 and 30, yet
noble in their preservation, which will give the walker that lingers out
fence, a sense of "beauty" and peace of mind, perhaps the original thought in leisure
1912. From the stones of which can still be read passion, emotion and love to the final
spectacular: "The sea sings a love song, the full moon white, the pine forest" are
the poems of Gabriele D'Annunzio Giuseppe Palanti had engraved on the band that runs on
four sides of his villa. Inspired by this written narrative leads to the walk-
sea ​​to hear this love song today thanks to the Sea Organ Concerto
an instrument created by Berardi's dream to give voice to the sea beyond its ability
hearing and touch chords of dissonance than abandoning ourselves to the waves as
unique experience of "feeling" in resonance with nature.
Urban trekking will also reach the exhibition organized by the Administration Palanti
Hall on the occasion of the centenary.
Ducati Motorcycle Rally: the Tidal Wave Motorcycle Club organizes at Cervia Avenue area
Gramsci from Round 1 May until Via Cadorna. During the 'event will be exposed
range of the Desmosedici Ducati and N 46 of "IS". All participants will also
presented with a drink at a bar street, I remember a gadget and a lottery ticket
with awards by Ducati
at the area in front of the skyscraper Marinella
There will be a dance group formed by pairs of professionals.

Sunday, May 6
THE PINE FOREST OF THE TREASURY: Orienteering for families and individuals: an approach to this
eco sport that allows participants to become aware of the different
areas and contents of the pinewood of Milano Marittima.
Area of ​​development: Pinewood North from Jelena Gora playground.
Departure and award ceremonies in the square in front of the Stella Maris Church.
TALK SHOW: Paul Gambi interview characters
Area of ​​development: Bar at the Rotunda Rotunda on May 1.
50 METERS WITH HIGH HEELS: Milano Marittima is glamorous, and just below
the arc of arrival, a few meters from the roundabout, 1st May, beats the heart of the commercial
city. Here then, a race very special indeed particularly fashion: 50 meters with
high heels! This event will bring together women who are athletic and elegant
compete on a carpet that will lead to a few meters beneath the arch of arrival.
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